My Summer

Hey bloggers.

I just wanted to share my summer!

So here it is:

Finally school is out! I can’t wait to get home! Then I sit… and wait… i find nothing to do.

a two weeks later I go to a summer sleep away  camp. I had so much fun. All the sports you could imagine all the fun you could imagine and all the heat you could imagine! I made a lot of friends.

Then I traveled to MD to see my friends. (I’m still there right now!)

Thats it so far.

But Wait!

There is a Video!


Roland Park Pool from Emmett on Vimeo.


Would you like to here more about my summer?     Do think my summer is awesome so far?      Do you like my new blog theme?


Sorry Guys!

My iPod Touch 4th gen black 64GB is NOT FOR SALE Sorry!!!!


Hi guys!

I am so happy because I got a new camcorder!

It is the SONY HDR-cx210

It is Full HD 1080p! (1080p is the video resolution, and Full HD stands for Full High Definition)



Better Vids coming soon!

iPod Touch for Sale! (On eBay)

Hi bloggers! 🙂

I am selling an Apple iPod touch 4th Generation Black (64 GB)!

Here’s the link:

Apple iPod touch 4th Generation Black (64 GB)



I am so sorry guys! (and girls) It is so rude of me to not answer comments, post posts, and worst of all ignore everything! Bleahh! (How do you spell Bleaahhh!?) Well now, I am working on a lot of things for my blog! I will try, I mean do a lot more posts and thoughts about thing I like to do. I am now working on a new movie, (the Lego one I mentioned 🙂 ).

Thanks for all the feedback!

See ya!


My writing Peice Part 1

Lately I have been typing a story in school. This is Part One:

Got Vanilla Milk?

Part One

by: Emmett Anderson

Mr. Meat had a lovely farm. Everyone who visited it felt that it was a special place. The animals seemed special, too. The fluffy barn cats purred and rubbed against people’s legs with great vigor. The dogs wagged their whip-like tails and jumped with delight. The perky chickens clucked and pranced merrily. The sleek horses neighed and bobbed their heads as if to say hello. Even the cows seemed friendly. They would hang  their heads over the fence, so people could scratch their soft ears.

Mr. Meat treated his animals with loving care. If an animal had babies, she was given extra attention. One morning, a cow had given birth. The calf was a gentle creature with dark eyes surrounded by long eyelashes. She was a lovely shade of creamy white! Mr. Meat decided to name this calf Vanilla.

Vanilla loved to play in the field with other calves. No other calf was as pretty, though. Vanilla’s white coat shimmered like a luscious wave of vanilla sauce when the morning sun hit it just right. Her personality was smooth and relaxed. Mr. Meat always greeted her with the phrase, “How now white cow.” Then he would laugh heartily!

When Vanilla grew up, she had a baby calf. Mr. Meat was delighted. Then Mr. Meat noticed that Vanilla’s milk was most unusual. It was not white like regular milk. It was a creamy shade of white. When Mr. Meat tasted it, he was shocked. He had a cow that produced Vanilla Milk. Every day from then on Mr. Meat collected her Sweet vanilla milk in the morning and drank it. Mr. Meat was astounded. Every day Vanilla’s milk got sweeter and sweeter. The fact of Vanilla producing vanilla milk attracted more and more tourists. One day the reporter from Channel 8 News came to interview Mr. Meat and his cow Vanilla. He came with a camera that had a big black shiny body and a lens that looked so large that it would fall off. When the reporter took photos of Mr. Meat, a big flash shot out from the top and flashed a bright light. “Don’t you think that big flash of your’s will scare Vanilla?” Mr. Meat said. “No, I don’t think so,” the reporter said. “Okay,” Mr. Meat said with a sigh. Mr. Meat then brought out Vanilla and the reporter took some photos from the back and side. Vanilla looked around right at the flash. Quickly the reporter snapped a photo. The bright flash came out the top and then, Click! Vanilla ran back into the barn and she wanted to stay there. Mr. Meat rushed into the barn with the reporter. “What have you done?” Mr. Meat asked the reporter. “I’m so sorry! I had no intention of hurting her!” The reporter said. Mr. Meat knew that the reporter really didn’t mean to hurt Vanilla. “I understand” Mr. Meat said with a sigh. “I think your interview is over”. The next day Mr. Meat went to get the sweet milk from Vanilla but Vanilla produced normal chocolate milk. “What happened?” He said. He was worried. He was making more money with the vanilla milk because he didn’t have to add vanilla flavoring with it. Even though Mr. Meat had a small business he would not produce as much money. But most importantly Vanilla’s name would have no purpose.

Vanilla’s milk stayed like this for years. Mr. Meat’s business went back to normal the casual visitors stayed around but the people who came from around the world seemed to disappear.


Did you like it?

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Coming Back

I decided to start blogging again on this blog. It’s been a long time and my Interests have changed. I love science and math now, but I still love making videos. I now am gaining interest in Photoshop. I just love singing and music. I now use Final Cut Pro 10 from Apple to edit my videos which is awesome! And I still love using the computer. Also I now get to blog on my iPad! Also I love photography and videography.

I hope every one still enjoys my blog!

PS I’m ten now, and I’m blogging on my iPad.

Frederick’s Movie

Hi Bloggers! I just made a new movie. It is called;

Frederick’s Movie

Here it is:


Here are some questions you can answer in a comment:

Did you like the video?

What do you think The handy dandy computer will say next?

What do you think the next video will be like?

Blog Mascot

Hi bloggers, I decided to Create my blog mascot.

I’ll add him in two different areas:

One on my header and mane even create a Voki!

See him soon!

Patty Salman

Hi bloggers, I just finished creating a new movie called “Patty Salman 2”.

Here is the video:

Patty Salman 2 from Emmett on Vimeo.

Patty Salman is a young girl who has no friends. She goes to a place called “The Smiles Away Club”.

That place helps her get friends of her own. Patty is the only one who attends to the class.

Patty learns to eat new foods. She also has a sleep over with Mrs. Giggle Bottoms (The Club director).


Here are some questions for you to answer in a comment:

Did you like the video?

What do you think caused the power surge?

Was the sleepover fun?